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Studio 210 is located just South of Downtown Brea and provides a place for you to restore and replenish your mind and body.  We offer a comfortable workout environment that is welcoming to all age groups. 

At Studio 210, we understand that Pilates is more than a "work out".  Pilates tones and sculpts your body in noticeable ways, and by strengthening and elongating your muscles, it helps you age gracefully while building up your endurance levels.  Pilates helps prevent injuries and lets you perform at a higher level because it enhances your balance and posture.  And because Pilates is low-impact, it can be started at any age and continued well into your mature years.


Joseph Pilates, the founder and creator of the Pilates form of exercise, believed that health and fitness could best be achieved by a comprehensive and integrative approach that aligns the body, sharpens the mind, and promotes an overall sense of well-being. The Pilates Form continues in the original vision, following specific sequences and exercise repertoires that have endured for nearly a century.


Pilates is physical conditioning that works the entire body.  This process teaches you how to move more efficiently, thereby allowing you to function through your daily routines with greater ease.


Through a system of exercises done on a mat or on a reformer, Pilates targets core strength (the gluteal muscles, back and abdominals), while improving flexibility, endurance, posture, overall health, and improving balance in the body. Whether working on the mat or the equipment, the fundamental concept remains the same:  engaging the core muscles while initiating every movement from a place of strength, moving smoothly from one exercise to the next, with each exercise building on the last to give your whole body an intense workout.

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