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Session Options

Studio 210 has Sessions to meet your needs and help you achieve your Goals.


Private Session

Optimize your workout with a Private session.


Working one-on-one with your Pilates instructor, your lesson is personalized to fit your individual needs and goals. Your instructor will guide you through various exercises customized to build core strength and provide a full body workout. Private sessions improve flow and precision, enhance your alignment, and decrease stress throughout the body. Private sessions are ideal for students of all levels.


Call Studio 210  at (714) 745-4096 to reserve your Private Session appointment.

Semi-Private Session

Semi-Private sessions are perfect for those who want to share an intense workout with a friend or partner.​


Semi-Private Sessions are limited to two people and are designed to allow you to work closely with a Pilates instructor who will help you through a workout program that will build your core strength while focusing on your areas of interest.


Call Studio 210  at (714) 745-4096 to reserve your Semi-Private Session appointment.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all appointments, including classes.

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