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Terri is the owner-operator of Studio 210 Pilates, focusing primarily on Reformer-based training programs.  After years of doing Pilates under other coaches, Terri found that she had a passion for Pilates and a strong desire to help others grow in strength, health and mind through Pilates.  Terri is Basi-trained and Certified, and continues to work with her Basi coaches to keep her knowledge and skills sharp.



Stephanie came to Studio 210 Pilates originally as a client, and although she was not new to Pilates, after working with Terri, she discovered a renewed love for Pilates and was ready to move from Client to Instructor.  Stephanie commenced studying Pilates at the Basi Institute and earned her instructor certification.  Stephanie now handles most of the Mat Sessions for Studio 210 Pilates.  Stephanie enjoys training and helping others to improve their posture, balance and core strength, and you can always tell when she is "in her zone" because she will start singing!  Thankfully, she also has a great voice!


Janet is Basi-trained and provides coaching for Mat Session.

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